Publication fees

Publishing with open access is not without costs. ACSIJ defrays those costs from article-processing charges, because it does not have subscription charges for its research content, believing instead that immediate, world-wide, barrier-free, open access to the full text of research articles is in the best interests of the scientific community.

Publication fees are used to pay for several expenses:

  • Manuscript handling from submission to publication
  • Electronic composition and production
  • Server and website update and maintenance
  • Electronic archiving
  • ePublication Certificate
  • Administrative expenses and other overheads

Research Papers Publication Fees

Authors of accepted papers will be sent the Registration Form to register their papers.

International authors  
  • Standard Paper (<= 10 pages): $ 120
  • Additional Pages (> 10 pages): + $ 12 per extra page
 Iranian authors and universities  
  • Standard Paper (<= 10 pages): 2,200,000 Rials
  • Additional Pages (> 10 pages): +120,000 Rials per extra page
 Indian authors and universities  
  • Standard Paper (<= 10 pages): $ 70
  • Additional Pages (> 10 pages): +$ 7 per extra page

Returns and Cancellations Policy
We do not provide any returns.


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