Enhancing Data Security in the Cloud Using the Proposed Algorithm

Naser Attar


The distinctive advantages of the clouds have attracted the attention of many organizations, but the aspect leading to hesitation of these organizations is the method used for securing the data in the clouds and insuring about the security of the environment. By entrance of computers to human life and its development, the security has always been an issue. In this content, various schemes have been applied for security maintenance one of which is application of proper algorithm for encryption of data. Currently, standard encryption algorithms, such as WER, are used for encryption of data in cloud. As WER algorithm has been the subject of some attacks, in addition to solving its problems, a new algorithm is introduced. Regarding the extent of cloud network, the most important feature of the proposed algorithm is its resistivity against the attacks. The algorithm is designed and implemented in java script in cloudsim environment.


data security; cloud computing security; encryption algorithm; AES Encryption Algorithm; cloudsim

Full Text:



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