Memory Management: Challenges and Techniques for traditional Memory Allocation Algorithms in Relation with Today's Real Time Needs

Muhammad Abdullah Awais


Different memory allocation algorithms have been devised to organize memory efficiently in different timestamps according to the needs and scenario of usage yet there are issues and challenges of these allocators to provide full support for real time needs. Real time systems require memory on priority otherwise program may crash or may be unresponsive if demanded memory is not allocated with quick response. Besides the timing constraints, memory allocator algorithms must minimize the memory loss which comes in the form of fragmentation, the unusable memory in response to the memory allocation needs because memory is allocated in the form of blocks. Our focus would be to analyse traditional dynamic memory management algorithms with respect to their functionality, response time and efficiency to find out the issues and challenges with these allocators to sum up the knowledge to know the limitations of these algorithm which might reduce the performance of real time systems. This research paper will give a comparative analysis of some well known memory management techniques to highlight issues for real time systems and innovative techniques suitable for these applications will be argued.


Memory management; dynamic memory management; dynamic memory allocation; DMA; real time system; operating system memory management; fragmentation; memory blocks

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