Requirements Prioritization: Challenges and Techniques for Quality Software Development

Muhammad Abdullah Awais


Every organization is aware of the consequences and importance of requirements for the development of quality software product whether local or global. Requirement engineering phase of development with focus on the prioritization of requirements is going under huge research every day because in any development methodology, all requirements cannot be implemented at same time so requirements are prioritized to be implemented to give solution as early as possible in phases as scheduled in incremental fashion. Numerous frameworks and practices have been devised, in progress and some being discovered day by day. With such huge knowledge database and research available, it has always been confusing to decide which technique to follow to gain maximum results. Thus many projects fail because of the wrong choice in requirement prioritization because it’s really difficult to employ right technique and framework at right time. And problems do not end here rather due to strict deadlines, it’s often best to develop system in parts by different team members dispersed globally with diverse methodologies and differences and in this situation it becomes more difficult to prioritize requirements. Main focus would be on ETVX based prioritization [1] for in house development and requirement prioritization of software developed globally by diverse team members [2]. This paper will try to provide an overview of different prioritization techniques for software requirement, and a critical analysis of ETVX based model will be presented to highlight issues and challenges in this proposed model of requirement prioritization in [1] and improved version of this model will be presented while an analysis of requirement prioritization for software developed in global environment [2] also be presented.


Requirement prioritization; Prioritization; Prioritization techniques; Requirement engineering; HCV; prioritization framework; Global software development; GSD

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