The Deployment of the Future Mobile Network

Eba’ Hamad AlMousa, Feda’ AlShahwan, Rana Alhajri


With the explosion of mobile services and the continuouse increase demand for a higher data traffic, a new high speed communication networks are required. Mobile networks are developing to increase the data speed and channels bandwidth inorder to meet the subscriber needs. Many attempts have been carried out to achieve the main demands of faster connectivity and download. 5G technolgy which refers to the 5th Generation Mobile Tecnology is the new mobile network that will provide the users with more features and effeciency at the finest QoS (Quality of Service). This study presents most of the experemints  and researches to deploy the new Mobile Network 5G, however it is still in its infancy stage and lacks standardization. Some of the proposed potential architecture for 5G are described in this article.


4G; LTE; 5G; Quality of Service(QoS); OFDM; MIMO

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