TAPPS Release 1: Plugin-Extensible Platform for Technical Analysis and Applied Statistics

Justin Sam Chew, Maurice HT Ling


We present the first release of TAPPS (Technical Analysis and Applied Statistics System); a Python implementation of a thin software platform aimed towards technical analyses and applied statistics. The core of TAPPS is a container for 2-dimensional data frame objects and a TAPPS command language. TAPPS language is not meant to be a programming language for script and plugin development but for the operational purposes. In this aspect, TAPPS language takes on the flavor of SQL rather than R, resulting in a shallower learning curve. All analytical functions are implemented as plugins. This results in a defined plugin system, which enables rapid development and incorporation of analysis functions. TAPPS Release 1 is released under GNU General Public License 3 for academic and non-commercial use. TAPPS code repository can be found at http://github.com/mauriceling/tapps.


Applied Statistics; Technical Analysis; Plugin-Extensible; Platform; Python

Full Text:



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