Investigation of Coherent Multicarrier Code Division Multiple Access for Optical Access Networks

Ali Tamini, Mohammad Molavi Kakhki


Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) has proved to be a promising technique to increase the reach and bit rate both in long‑haul communications and in passive optical networks. This paper, for the first time, investigates the use of OFDM combined with electrical CDMA in presence of coherent detection as a multiple access scheme. The proposed multicarrier‑CDMA system is simulated using Walsh‑Hadamard codes and its performance is compared to that of coherent WDM-OFDM system in terms of bit‑error‑rate and bandwidth efficiency. It is shown that MC‑CDMA benefits from better spectral efficiency while its performance slightly deteriorates in comparison to WDM-OFDM when the number of users is increased.


Fiber Optic Communication; Optical MC-CDMA; Coherent Detection; Optical Access Network; OptiSystem

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