An Intelligent System based on Fuzzy Inference System to prophesy the brutality of Cardio Vascular Disease

Sivagowry shathesh, Durairaj M


To unravel hidden relationships and diagnose diseases efficiently, Data Mining along with Soft Computing Techniques are used in several researches.  Cardio Vascular Disease is a condition which leads to severe disability and death.  Since the diagnosis involves vague symptoms and tedious procedures, diagnosis is usually time-consuming and erroneous.  For the healthier analysis and treatment of heart disease based on brutality, an Intellectual, accurate and proficient investigative system is needed.  For diagnosing heart disease with improved effectiveness, an Intelligent Fuzzy Inference System is needed.  This paper illustrates how Fuzzy Inference System is used to envisage the severity of disease by constructing an effective Fuzzy Rule Base.  It is also proved that a precision of 95.23% is obtained when Fuzzy System is used in severity prediction


Fuzzy Inference System; Fuzzy Rule Base; Severity prediction; Heart disease; Mamdani fuzzy system

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