Design of a Portable Random Access Wireless Network Transmitter

Rashid Hassani, Prabhu Gudapusetty, Peter Luksch


There is intensive attention on improving random media access control protocols in wireless environments. This paper proposes low-complexity, portable and flexible development of the wireless transmitter employing Random Access (RA) protocol. To develop this RA solution, the software architecture is roughly divided into three modules. The host software (i.e., micro-PC interface), Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Radio Frequency (RF) module. In our transmitter based scheme, the generated packets move from the higher layer (i.e., MAC layer) to the physical layer and then transmit over the air. At the other end, the packets will be received by the evaluation board, which is acting as a receiver. By using packet sniffer tool, we are able to sniff the radio packets from the micro-PC based RF-fronted wireless transmitter. Our results have been conducted through various test scenarios and emphasize the validity of our development in which, by our new developed RA solution, the generated radio packets are transmitted over the air successfully without any packet loss.


Random access; USB; Wireless network; Wireless transmitter

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