A New Robust Audio Signal Steganography Based On Multiple Chaotic Algorithms With Edge Detection Technique

Amir Houshang Arab Avval, Shahram Mohanna


This paper proposes a novel robust blind steganography scheme for embedding audio signal into edge of color image based on a chaotic map and LSB method,which is different from some existing works. In this paper, we employed the LSB substitution technique and chaos as a fundamental stage and we also take advantage of edge detection technique. The present paper improved security by using of chaotic maps. Chaotic maps are used for two important applications in our scheme: selecting of random location in edge pixels for embedding and extraction and selecting of random bit location in LSB of pixel byte.The suggested scheme is robust, secure and flexible. In the extractionprocedure, the stegocanbeextractedfromthe stegoimage without the requirementof the originalhost color imageortheoriginalstegoimage.Experimentalresultsshowthattheproposedaudio steganographyschemehasstrongerrobustnessagainstattack,BecauseThe chaotic map was implemented to increase both the number of keys (control parameters) and complexities involved in the algorithm. The size of key space for initial conditions and control parameters were computed about 1028.


Steganography; Security; Robustness; Chaos; logistic Map; Edge detection

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